Fill in the lyrics

there are people who like music like i do but only some will succeed just like...MEEEE pie i dont know what to do because i have to make the stupid and lame characters and i bet none of you read this.

CHARACTERS ARE SO STUPID and lame i dont know why we have to reach a limit it really doesnt make sense. Oh great i need more stupid characters srry for this im just saying random stuff.

Created by: Pieluver10

  1. Oh Mickey your so fine your so.....
  2. Oh waoh you left me on the...
  3. im gonna love you like ive never been broken im gonna say it like its never been spoken...Are those the correct lyrics?
  4. Its no surprise to me i am my own worst enemy cause every now and then i go to the grocery store...Are these the correct lyrics?
  5. Body rock girl i...
  6. My ladies please head straight thats it your doin great search through that wood tout suite find me some giant feet...
  7. If you Grace are taking this and im talkin to YOU are you enjoying this if u are not Grace tap the i like pie button
  8. When you walk away you dont here me say please oh baby dont go...
  9. This is the last question!
  10. LIES!!I LIED TO YOU!!Hehehehe

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