Famous Penguins Quiz

Yo! I'm Giambinyy25 and this is my famous people quiz! Are you famous or a fan? This quiz is 15 questions of hard core trivia on some of Club Penguin's mods, celebs, betas, and more. Test your knowledge to see if you qualify to walk the snow-covered carpet in CP!

So, how much do you know? Well, it's time to test the knowledge in your head while you take this quiz created by Giambinyy25. Hope you score well and have fun!

Created by: Giambinyy25 of Giambinyy25's Wordpress
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  1. What are most penguins famous for?
  2. When did Paintboy100 start his wordpress?
  3. Mohd222, Chewy Pup, and a few others have had their famous sites hacked by who?
  4. The beta Pink Mafias recently quit to join what multi-player game?
  5. True or False- Papercuter is a beta
  6. What is Ruler of Game's Sig?
  7. The famed penguin Dendo Guy owns what site?
  8. What two reasons are usually the cause of a ban to famous penguins?
  9. Where will you MOST LIKELY see Billybob, one of CP's founders/mod?
  10. Where is the easiest place to see a famous penguin?
  11. Other than reasons listed earlier, what is another reason of fame?
  12. What is a beta?
  13. What is the relationship between Fever and Watex?
  14. Who is Happy77?
  15. What is Kornareso's claim to fame?

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