Are u a Penguins fan

There are some good fans in Hockey. But there are no fans like pens fans. We are the bestfans in hockey. The Penguins are the best thing that has happened to Pittsburgh.

Are you a Pens fan? Do you have what it takes to be one? Can you show that you have the knowledge of the Penguins history. Take this quiz and find out.

Created by: young frank

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  1. Before Evgeni Malkin who was the last to wear 71 for the Pens
  2. Before black and gold what were the pens colors
  3. How many cups have the Pens won
  4. Who wears 37 for the Pens
  5. Did u want the ducks to win the cup
  6. Who will win the atlantic in 08
  7. Who is the pens head coach
  8. Do you own a pens jersey
  9. What is the Igloo
  10. Should Isle of Capri got the slots liscens (i did not spell that right)

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