family guy quiz really hard

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this is a qiuz for true family guy fans who know every square inch of it some are easyish the rest are quiet tricky but if you know your stuff it will be all good in the hood !!!!!!!!!!!

do you you think you know all there is to know about family guy are you a true fan you will need to have seen most seasons of family guy to answer some of them good luck !!!!!!!!!

Created by: mw bs ls 2010

  1. how much does peter sell his own evil kinevil gloves to himself for in rhode to rupert
  2. what is joe n bonnies daughters name??
  3. whats the name of the episode where meg kisses brian??
  4. what is peters favourite song called
  5. what is meg the president of
  6. what is the name of peter griffins evil twin brother
  7. how many times has lois griffin been pregnant.
  8. whats lois fathers name
  9. whats megs real dads name
  10. who does the voice of herebert the pervert
  11. whats wrong with tom tuckers son
  12. whats brians cousins name
  13. in brian does hollywood what does peter take home as a souvenier
  14. what does adam west really enjoy ??
  15. why is the evil monkey evil.
  16. in saving private brian what do stewie n brian do to get discharged involving guns.
  17. when stewie meets bin laden what is he posing with

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