Danny B's Ultimate Family Guy Quiz

This quiz is going to test you on the in and outs of Family Guy. This is not another stupid quiz where the most difficult question is: "Whats Stewie's middle name?"(Gilligan btw). True Knowledge only a die hard fan possesses.

So do YOU have what it takes to beat Danny B's Ultimate Family Guy Quiz? Personally I don't think you stand a chance, but if you want to try and prove me wrong and make yourself feel good, go right ahead.

Created by: Danny

  1. What is the Griffin family's address?
  2. In which episode is the "Naked Gun" theme featured.
  3. In the episode, "The Thin White Line." what does Brian say the Swanson family is having for dinner.
  4. In which season did Family Guy celebrate its 100th episode?
  5. Where is Jack's Joke Shop located?
  6. What song from Family Guy did Seth McFarlane and Walter Murphy win an Emmy for?
  7. In "Blue Harvest" who is the only character from Family Guy shown in the background of the Cantina Scene?
  8. Finish this Quagmire Line: "From down here you look like a . . .?
  9. What is it that Peter can do only while intoxicated?
  10. Who originally voiced Meg Griffin and for how many episodes?
  11. According to Peter, Francis, and Brian, who is the most stupid person in the world?

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