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  • It was basic enough for me, but damn... the two questions I initially got wrong seem to be a bit ambiguous, regardless. For example, the question where Stewie gets his football-shaped head... he was shown born with it in "Chitty Chitty Death Bang," but in "Stuck Together, Drawn Apart," he was shown jumping on the bed and hitting it off the roof, making it football-shaped. Also, his father's name... it could've been the Irish guy (can't spell his name), but that's only a technicality, since his father that raised him was Francis Griffin.

    Really, make a quiz that has more concrete answers.

  • Brian wasn't on the Bachelor. He was on the Bachelorette. Also some questions should have been more specific. Like "who was Peter's BIOLOGICAL father" or something like that instead of "who was Peter's father?" cuz technically, he had 2. One was biological from ireland, and the catholic one that raised him. And stewie got his football head not from falling when jumping on the bed, but when he hit his head on the ceiling from jumping too high. Other than that, great quiz!

  • Good and enjoyable quiz. However, the simplest things, man! Spellcheck, and check your information. Stewie didn't FALL OFF the bed... he hit his head on the ceiling while jumping. Run over it and make sure it's correct. Also, it might be nice to know what we got wrong... even though I got 100%. Maybe make it a bit harder? This sums up pretty much everything people wrote about. - Oh, and don't mess with me when it comes to family guy... lol.

  • I agree, they need to be more specific and actually take the time to find out the correct answers so that those of us who DO know the correct answers don't have to sit there and realize the mistake in error that was made, thus allowing us to fly through the quiz even faster... You know, we have more important stuff to do, like, watch more Family GUY!!! DUH ;)

  • 90% initially. After realizing the quiz wasn't up to date, went back to get 100%. Stewie was born with the football head by the way - bed thing was nothing more than a facetious cutaway. c:

    Seth used to live in my hometown. Shame that he was already in college when I was born.

  • just to let you know the question aboutwhat peters fathers name is,is a trick question. In the early episodes peters fathers name is francis griffin. only after his father died at megs birthday party do we find out that peters birth father in drunken irish mickey mcfinnigan. so to clarify you should ask who his birth father is or who his father is in the early episodes.

  • One of the questions on the quiz was tricky: Who is Peter's father? The last couple of choices were Francis Griffin and Mickey Mcfinnigan. The creator of the quiz shold of put who was Peter's REAL or FAKE father. That's what made me mess up.

  • Peter ran against Lois for SCHOOL BOARD president. Not an option in the quiz. You spelled a TON of s--- wrong and some of the names were wrong. Good job testing other's knowledge of Family guy when you don't know all that much yourself ;)

  • When asked the question: Who is Peter's real father? I don't know if you shoud choose Mickey Mcfinnagen or Francis Griffin. You should make it abit more clear. On the other hand, it is a simple quiz which makes me think that im really smar. I really liked this quiz.

  • You got 46% on the Family Guy Quiz

    You are a below average Family Guy. You catch an occasioal show. You like the show but maybe don't have enough time to watch it on TV.You could have done a lot better. I suggest buying the volumes and studying

  • 100% my first try...

    -S tewie was born w/ a football shaped head and he did get it when he hit the ceiling while jumping on the bed

    -Hands full of Peter should be Hand full of Peter

    -Bachelorett e not Bachelor
    -Rupert not Rubert

  • You got 83% on the Family Guy Quiz

    You are a Family Guy Fan. You know you Family guy and probably have the theme song memorized but don't know the ins and outs of everything.

    lol i memorized the theme AND i know who sings which parts

    Anastasi X
  • how cud any 1 get these wrong, they were jusy WAY 2 easy! u cud at least put some questions about quotes in or better yet questions about the scenery, like what colour is the griffins house? the answers is of course cream with a green roof, but im just nick picking. :) anyway im out peace.

  • God, proper loser people "Oh, that quiz was far too easy, you should have questions about the colour of the Griffin's house".... Yeah and maybe you should get a life!

  • 100 percent

    You are a Family Guy Genius. You know what you are talking about when it comes to Family Guy. You might even know more about it that Seth. And I know you know who that is.

    You messed up on some questions. but i know what you ment.

  • You got 80% on the Family Guy Quiz

    You are a Family Guy Fan. You know you Family guy and probably have the theme song memorized but don't know the ins and outs of everything.

  • Family Guy is a pretty cool show. My fav charecter is Stewie! I got an 85%! Have you noticed that the Griffins always pick on Meg? Thats funny to! My fav episode is when Stewie is at the playgriund and fights his evil twin! lol gtg now byez

  • Alright 90%, which means 2 things:
    1)I know about family guy

    2)I'm not a loser that spends every waking hour watching family guy in order to get 100%

  • Ok, 2 answers are wrong in here... i got a 100,but dont know how... i knew every answer, but stewies head did not become that way for falling off the bed, he was jumping on the bed and hit the ceiling (#21). secondly, #31, brian went on the bachelorette, not the bachelor. and a technicallity, quagmire spells his name glenn, not glen...


  • 85% Yay !
    Corrections -
    - Stewie's bear is Rupert

    - Stewies head is like a football cause his head hit the ceiling while he jumped on his bed

    - Brian was on "The Bachalorette

  • You got 100% on the Family Guy Quiz

    You are a Family Guy Genius. You know what you are talking about when it comes to Family Guy. You might even know more about it that Seth. And I know you know who that is

  • the question about stewies head is a bit of a trick... in the very first episode the "man in white" takes him from the womb and he has a football head already but in a later episode you see him hit his head on the ceiling

  • 98% alright!! I'm only 14 and hooked on family guy. But in 1 of the seasons it shows stewie being in lois woumb with a football head so wasnt dat the answer.wehttamrd is right peter had Francis & the ireland father.Family guy is the best show in the world,& if got something negative to say about it go suck stewie's dick. But im sorry cause im the #1 Family Guy Freak!!!

  • Beast Mcawesome-

    I watch Family guy every chance I get so you other losers that keep bagging on Family Guy can just go suck balls

    beast mcawesome
  • the only thing that annoyed me was that Brian was on the Bachelorette, not the bachelor. He'd either be gay or the star if he was on the bachelor :)


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