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  • latrice monet brown.2101 mountain run drive glen allen 23060 guardian light text me if I got the job 804 709 8549.

    browns Mar 7 '16, 3:26PM
  • I'm good

    Gazza Apr 20 '14, 8:42AM
  • I got a 70% baby whoo hoo

    Zebramoon Apr 1 '14, 1:48PM
  • 58 I need to watch more

    super skip 666 Oct 19 '13, 1:23PM
  • 75%

    des4life Oct 12 '13, 7:45PM
  • omg only 63% -_- i watched over 1/2 of the episodes god i 4get alot of stuff

    c360276 Aug 24 '12, 7:09PM
  • 90% initially. After realizing the quiz wasn't up to date, went back to get 100%. Stewie was born with the football head by the way - bed thing was nothing more than a facetious cutaway. c:

    Seth used to live in my hometown. Shame that he was already in college when I was born.

    Fardreamer Apr 17 '12, 12:10AM
  • 83% and stewies bear is named Rupert not Rubert....

    AoifeR Feb 18 '12, 10:46PM
  • 100% on my second try.
    80% first

    marythom Dec 27 '11, 2:04AM
  • 60% -_-"

    Invader Crystal Nov 26 '11, 8:58AM
  • 7%? wow no jk I got 70%

    Kjnhb Nov 1 '11, 10:02PM
  • Just took this quiz for the first time and scored a 95%. I for sure know what I'm talking about when it comes to Family Guy!!!

    BrookN Oct 7 '11, 10:07PM
  • I got 39%,that s****s I know more about family guy than the poster thinks.I have all the volumes,OK SO BYE!

    cindy rocks Sep 28 '11, 6:56PM
  • u need to write the right answers dude!:/

    PuPpYxoxo Sep 19 '11, 1:09AM
  • i got 59%.i no which q i got rong though

    sarahm Jul 11 '11, 9:04AM
  • yay! this was fun.
    some minor spelling errors.
    But it was good :D

    imuri Jul 6 '11, 1:15PM
  • awsome

    wizzy will Jun 6 '11, 11:58AM
  • 100 percent
    You are a Family Guy Genius. You know what you are talking about when it comes to Family Guy. You might even know more about it that Seth. And I know you know who that is.

    You messed up on some questions. but i know what you ment.

    talon1395 Mar 2 '11, 9:27PM
  • I got 95% but I'm not sure which questions I got wrong.

    Also Megs real fathers name is STAN, not Sam

    Stelious Feb 10 '11, 12:02PM
  • One of the questions on the quiz was tricky: Who is Peter's father? The last couple of choices were Francis Griffin and Mickey Mcfinnigan. The creator of the quiz shold of put who was Peter's REAL or FAKE father. That's what made me mess up.

    smartgirl115 Dec 31 '10, 4:33PM
  • jesus christ guys its a quiz made by a common person not the f--- ing creator. so a few things were wrong, actually many of them were accurate. besides, if u idiots dont like it, make your own god damn quiz. (i got a 93 btw)

    Aeolus00 Dec 6 '10, 10:09AM
  • Hey all family guy lovers! Here's a quiz we made at the gaming start-up, Planeto where I work. [no urls] Enjoy! /Sophie

    planeto Nov 17 '10, 4:09AM

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