Fallout 3-Challenging

Many people claim to be an expert on Fallout games, but few truly have what it takes to become a true champion of the wastes;who knows all and sees all

Come and test your knowledge of the capital wasteland in this trivia quiz based on Fallout 3!! Good Karma or bad karma, all should discover the secrets that the wasteland withholds.

Created by: Ml
  1. How many kids are in vault 101, including yourself?
  2. What was your mother's name?
  3. Who's the inventor of the stealth boy?
  4. Besides Oasis, where in the capital wasteland can you find living plants and flowers?
  5. What kind of power armor is not represented in the game?(including DLCs)
  6. What is Butch's last name?
  7. Where is Alastor Tenpenny originally from?
  8. Which is not a special power fist?
  9. What are the names of Eulogy's slave girls in Paradise Falls?
  10. Which of the following enemies does not bleed green?

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