Fallen Angels ..War...and a hint of Love: Introduction

I've been thinking of a new quiz/story for quite awhile.. long before Supernatural Love. I hope that you enjoy, and I hope that I can continue this as a whole series!

meh, I now understand why this is such a pain to fill up. While you're at it, listen to Live Like You Were Dying~Tim McGraw. It's a great song :D -krdoufan

Created by: krdffdpfan

  1. Beethoven filled the air of our mansion's family room, as we danced. It was just her and I, dressed up like we were going to a ball. She was wearing a long, pure white, strapless dress, that felt like silk brushing against my legs. Her smile was as bright, and warm as the fire in the fire place. Just seeing that smile put a grin on my face. Her wavy, chocolate brown hair complemented her emrald green eyes.
  2. When the song was finished, she twirled into my arms, and up against my chest. My arms went around her waist, and she dangled her arms around my neck. Her lips were just inches away from mine. she then broke the beautiful silance "Derrick?" "Yes..?" I asked, forhead against her's. "I need to ask you something..." "anything." I replied sincearly, pulling back to look into her eyes. Disturbing silance hung over our heads like a canopy. "why did you go off and join the millitary?" her voice cracked at every syllable. "To help protect my country." "But Derrick...You hav a son, and a wife to worry about.." "I know, but if you let me explain Eve-" she cut me off "Im sick off you 'explaining' and your 'promises' Derrick." She shoved me hard. "Eve-" "shut up Derrick! I'm done.." tears welled up in her eyes "DONE!"
  3. My jaw tightened "Just give me a day, to a month Eve-" she punched me in the stomach. Okay, normally that wouldn't hurt, since i've been in the gym almost everyday now. I just wasn't prepared..I doubled-over "what the He** was that for?!" Her face went dark, the silk dress transformed into a pair of camo pants, and shirt. In her right hand was a gun. My eyes went wide in horror. "Derrick.." her voice became deep, and iron-like. "it's your time to DIE!!" She screamed, now an enemy soldier.
  4. I woke up, breathing hard, and sweating. "Moody! Moody! Moody, c'mon, get up!" My comrad was shaking me violently. I must have fallen asleep inside the helicopter. "w-what's wrong?" I stuttered. "We're being attacked by Al Queda forces!" I immediatley was at full attention "prepare for-" I was cut off by a sudden roar of a bomb. I held tightly to the wall as the copter shook violently, and spun out of control. "Brent!" I screamed and tried to grab my comrads hand. But I was to late. I watched in horror as he fell out of the open door of the copter. I was shaken. My closest friend.. gone forever. I didn't have time to think, yet, another bomb hit the copter. I screamed, now toppling out of my seat, and hitting the oppisite wall of he copter.
  5. My shouler hurt so badly, ididnt even try to grab a parachute from the reack, or grab onto the rim of the door. I felt my self slide out of the copter, and into the sky below. I could feel the wind tugging at my shoes, clothing, skin, and eyes. I closed my eyes tightly...life flashing by.
  6. We were in a huge Cathedaral, standing on the alter together. *i'm getting married, I'm getting married!* was all that I could think. The only thing i could see in that huge church was the look on the priest's face, and her. I bet it looked awkward, a heavily, muscled man, with a borrowed tux, one size to small on the sleeves My tattos could be seen on my arms, but it turned out great. And her? she was the prettiest woman to EVER walk into his Cathedral.
  7. My thoughts scattered when she was taking her vows "Do you, Evelyn Freedman, take Derrick Moody to be your lovely wedded husband?" "of cour-" she started, but relised her fault. She tunred bright red and bit her lip "i do." The priest smiled "Do you promise to love him for eternity? Sickness or health? Poor, or Rich?" She smiled that magical smile. I felt her hand squeese mine "I Do." "You may kiss your bride." The priest said, closing his Bible. I leaned in to kiss her. right when our lips met, the church bells rug, and everyone cheered and clapped. That had to be the bet day of my life.
  8. But I was in a terrible situation now. I relized that this wasn't a dream. I opened my eyes right as I hit the canopy of the forest that seemed like peices of broccoli from our helicopter.I could hear myself screaming over the branches and twigs snapping. I hit the ground witbh a dull thud, and the snap of bones. I was winded, and the back of my head had hit a rock. I couldn't scream, or call for help. The only people that would help me was the enemy, and they'd kill me for sure. My right arm laid limp next to me, a usless limb. As I pondered on how i was going to die, I started choaking. Maybe I'd die on my own saliva. I tasted the tang of blood in my mouth, and spit what I could out. Out came a tooth, and blood.
  9. I cried. I cried for my divorce with Evelyn. I cried for both the emotional, and physical pain, I have, and am going through.
  10. I pondered over what I truly was. A Liar. Failure. Cheater. Player. Dumb. Stupid. But then it came to me, clear as the blue sky over the forest canopy. A Fallen Angel.
  11. CliffHanger!
  12. This is only the Introduction, please, comment and Rate! Please be honset with your comments!

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