Fall Out Boy Lyrics Quiz

Not many people today know who Fall Out Boy is. But did you know that they played at Obama's inaguration party? They were an amazing band that will be missed forever.

Fall Out Boy is Patrick Stump with vocals and guitar, Joe Trohman on guitar, Andy Hurley on the drums, and Pete Wentz with bass and back-up vocals. I know some of their songs have extremely long titles. But they tel a story with a deeper meaning than anything on the radio today.

Created by: madid

  1. Fill in the blank "She says she's no good with words but I'm ______"
  2. "We're going down, down in an earlier round. Sugar, we're going down ____"
  3. Guess the song "Fell outta bed, butterfly bandage, but don't worry. You won't remember, your head is far too blurry."
  4. "Been gone more days this year than I have been home. Trading friends for trips to the coast. This hotel room feels more oh-oh-oh like a tomb."
  5. "The full moon pills got me out on the street at night. Could it last? Watch you work the room."
  6. "Think of all the places where you've been lost and then found...out. In between my sheets, in between the rights and the wrongs."
  7. "Life's just a pacecar on death, only less diligent. And when the two collide, its no coincidence. The lights are on and everybody's home"
  8. Back To Filling in the blank "Hell or ______. I dont want anything in between."
  9. ""I can't explain a thing. I want _______ to change and stay the same on top. Doesn't care about anything or anyone. Come together, come apart. Only get lonely when you read the charts."
  10. "A penny for your thoughts but a dollar for your insights. Or a fortune for your _________"
  11. Now here's the hard part. Guess the album it came off of. Believers Never Die will not be the right answer. The song:Calm Before the Storm. "Sat outside my front window. This story's going somewhere. He's well Hung and I am hanging up."
  12. Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued "Brothers and sisters, put this record down into your notebooks. (Spin lies like these) We're friends when you're on your knees. Make them dance like you were shooting their feet."
  13. Thriller "Last summer we took threes across the board. But by fall, we were cover stories 'Now in stores'"
  14. Love Will Tear Us Apart "When routine bites hard and ambitions are low. When resentment rides high but emotion wont show."
  15. The (Shipped) Gold Standard "Sometimes I wanna quit this song and dbecome an accountant now. But Im no good at math and besides the dollar is down"

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