Some People Knows All About Their Body .Will You Be A One That Knows All About It... All Facts Are Really Interesting And Full Of Enjoyment... Take Part In It .

If You Are Curious To Know About Your Body Then This Quiz Is For You. Face It Off, And Take The Challenge And Make Yourself The True Genius ... You Feel Good To Participate .

Created by: Manny Sharma

  1. Which Hairs On Our Body Grow Faster?
  2. The Average Lifespan Of Human Hair ?
  3. The Largest Cell In Human Body?
  4. Smallest Cell In Human Body?
  5. We Feel Taste Of Food Due To ?
  6. Strongest Muscle In Human Body
  7. Hardest Bone In Human Body?
  8. Everyone Have Unique :
  9. Which Nail Grows Faster ?
  10. How Many Days Without Food And Water We Can Live?

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