Fab Tortoise Quiz

There are lots of people in this world who are amazing, crazy, intelligent, fabulous, and beautiful, but not to the extent of us. Do you really have what it takes to be a Fab Tortoise?

If you meet all of the criteria above that describe the Fab Tortoises, then maybe you are right for us. We want to know if you are as fab as we are, so take the quiz to find out!!

Created by: Carlbootolouis
  1. What is squatching?
  2. How did the name "Fab Tortoise" come to be?
  3. Who is Bretefure?
  4. Who is Jacobinator?
  5. What is the imoji on the Fab Tortoises group message?
  6. What time does the fab tortoises stop texting on a school night?
  7. How often is Louis in a good mood?
  8. Finish this sentence. "I'm gonna finish him like a _____?"
  9. Who says that quote?
  10. What day does Booto wear 23 blang blangs?
  11. What day does Louis wear 23 blang blangs?
  12. What did Coach Burge tell Carl the morning of May 18 when Carl said she "Does not like wearing clothes"
  13. Is the statement "blondes have more fun" true?
  14. Louis is spicy?
  15. Booty is spicy
  16. What is Louis dream job?
  17. What is Carl's dream job?
  18. How many siblings does Louis have?
  19. How many siblings does Carl have?
  20. How many siblings does Booto have?
  21. Finish the song quote, "I'm your dream girl, this is ________"
  22. What is Louis's middle name?
  23. What is Carl's middle name?
  24. What is Booto's middle name?
  25. Did Coach Burge follow through on her promise to turn over a new leaf and talk nicer?
  26. How much does Carl hate cross country?
  27. Who is Queen??
  28. Who is on lunch duty everyday?
  29. What drink does Carl bring everyday in her lunch, whether it be grape, strawberry or regular _____?
  30. A phrase that describes Carl

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