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  • My friends and I (Carla, Kathy, Sophie and Anya were their names) were doing this at Carla's sleepover party. We could all see Kathy needed to go before, so she peed after question 1! Then Sophie spurted half way across the room! Me, Kathy and Anya were left. We skipped question 6 where you take off your clothes, then Anya peed on question 7. When we did the jumping jacks, I lost control! Anya won! But then she said "God I need to get to a toilet!" and as soon as she turned the handle of the bedroom door she crossed her legs, crouched down and peed uncontrollably! LOL

  • I was at a sleep over with my three friends (Katie, Mia, and Sophie) none of us had to go at the start. By the 3rd question Katie literally had a pool under her (thank god it was a hardwood floor) 6th question I LITERALLY squirted halfway across the room! Whichever one it was where everyone got naked (we were all girls, its fine) Mia was DONE. Sophie won. But by the end of the quiz she stood up, started peeing crouched back down again and ended up with the biggest puddle out of all of us! Lol

  • So I was alone at home and I decided it would be a good idea to do this with a full bladder so I did it and I literally peed on every question. Not like a little spurt no like a full on waterfall for EVERY QUESTION. I did not know someone could have that much pee. Then my best friend (she lives next door and has a key) walked in when I was on the last question and I just peed right in front of her. It was so embarrassing but then I made her do the quiz and I locked her outside (the front) Because Im evil and she peed herself in the middle of the street. I live on a main road and she was wearing grey leggings so it was so visible. She went bright red and I laughed at her. The worst part is we did it again to see who could last longer and somehow we ended up arguing and literally fighting and we both peed on each other while fighting.

    And I Oop
  • When I was still in the men's swimming team one day while I was traveling to training I gotta pee badly and I decided I would go to pee in a toilet in the hall .But when I arrived, I understood that the bathroom and the toilet were are still under repair and the coach told all swimmers that today's training will be held without having to bathe beforehand. After 20 minutes I had to pee so bad but I don't not piss in the pool because the water around me would become dark blue about of the chemicals in the water and the kids would start laughing at me.After another 20 minutes I had a desperate to pee!! If I do not go soon, I'll explode .Then I asked the coach where to i go to the toilet right now. He told me about a toilet on the fourth floor of the building.Then I went straight out of the pool, put on the my flip-flops and without having time to dress up my clothes, I immediately went to the elevator. Then for the first time in my life I was stuck in an elevator! The experience was terrible.I was sitting in the elevator for a long time. My body was getting cold and cold ....because i was wear just my wet swim briefs and nothing else., and I kept thinking about how much i need to pee,I couldn't stop moving around everywhere!! My hands were locked on my crotch, and i crossing my legs without stopping and I did not know how much I could stand.I've been hold my pee for more than 40 minutes in this elevator. These were the longest and most torturing 40 minutes in my life. I wanted to pee sooo bad. My bladder would burst and I could not hold on any longer. Then I felt I started to piss and a puddle began to form under me. That feeling was indescribable and so relaxing. They soon opened the elevator door and i walked out. Since then I do not miss going to the toilet before I leave home. Never!!!

  • I started this quiz not needing to pee THAT much but half way through it I had my hands squeezing my crotch. I started to feel something warm in my hands, screamed, and let it all out. Did I mention I was in my work?

  • i an hurophobic but i love pee and watching girl pee i wasnt sure this test would be good or not but i gotta say it i peed like a baby i loved this quiz and at the hot glass of water whitout knowing a had a huge I MEAN A HUUGE wet spot on my pants (iw done this with pants bc to feel more wet and that was great) then i camed i filmed myself im proud of myself thnks a lot i love you person who done this!!!!

  • I did this in my fursuit and it felt so relieving. I stood up after a while and did the potty dance. Then I felt my d--- getting warm and I bursted. Omg, it felt so good I pees for 10 minutes straight! Lolol

  • It was night when i did this i was at my pops for a sleepover and at hot water on bladder it all came out i was like ooh s---

  • Keep making quizzes

  • I just laughed and peed reading peoples answers

  • This is the funniest quiz I ever took! *leaves quiz laughing*

  • Aww thx guys! Glad u guys liked my quiz!

  • I didn’t fully pee but I did a little dribble so I changed my underwear lollll

  • Why the hell women wait so long to pee i dont know. Then they do the pee dance last minute

  • Wow. I didn't even have to go, man

    Luv myself
  • so funny
    i just laughed like hell
    keep making :)

  • Dang I laughed at questions and peed. 🚽


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