Every Witch Way quiz

Hello, there are many EWW fans a.k.a Every Witch Way fans. A show about witches and magic, and by far what could be better? I'm so happy it's coming back next month that I'm feeling magic!

Have You heard of Every Witch Way? Do you watch it? Are you getting Roller Coaster Syndrome (from Dork Diaries)from even watching an itsy-bitsy part of it? Well you must be a fan! And this is the place to test it!

Created by: magic123
  1. Who is Emma's bff?
  2. Which three have powers?(include everyone)
  3. Who got blue oatmeal poured over them?
  4. Who found the Hexoren first?
  5. Which staff member tried to steal the 2 witch's powers?
  6. Who burnt a volleyball due to Kanai powers?
  7. Who is the evil witch?
  8. Who is the nice witch?
  9. What was the name of the last episode called?
  10. Last question,do you like Every Witch Way? (Effects your score)

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