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I love every witch way I started watching it sents 2013,2014,2015 so this is all about the every witch way fan so with it please for me fan I love record it on you DVR do something

Do ya love every witch way? If ya love the show than watch the show so we can get a season 4 please do it for the other fans and if the stars will probably do this quiz to

Created by: anthony

  1. What is emma
  2. Who broke up with Emma
  3. What is Emma afraid of
  4. What is jax afraid of
  5. What is Daniel afraid of
  6. Who is Maddie new boyfriend
  7. Is Andie boyfriend Phillip a
  8. Who is the new girls name
  9. What is the new girl
  10. What is the name of the the first episode of season 3
  11. What dose the new girl put on Daniel a
  12. What song dose Daniel sing
  13. Who dose Daniel kiss on stage
  14. Who's Mia's new best friend
  15. Who Daniel new girlfriend

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