Evanescence:Evanescence quiz

Do you know the lyrics to their latest album, evanescence?Well, take this quiz to find out!Featuring the hit song, what you want have a great time taking this quiz

1) What You Want 2) Made of Stone 3) The Change 4) My Heart is Broken 5) The Other Side 6) Erase This 7) Lost in Paradise 8) Sick 9) End of the Dream 10) Oceans 11) Never Go Back 12) Swimming Home

Created by: Alleria
  1. ''Embrace the silence, cause there's nothing that can change the way i feel...''
  2. "take your time, i'm not scared. make me everything you need me to be..."
  3. "Now or never, tell the truth. is this real, is this real?"
  4. "hello,hello remember me? i'm everything you can't control..."
  5. "follow your heart til it bleeds..."
  6. "i've been screaming on the inside and i know you can feel the pain..."
  7. " over the fear that i will never find a way to heal my soul..."
  8. " cold and far away like you're not even mine. undo everything and take me higher..."
  9. "Everything is so dark and i know there's something wrong but i can't turn the light on..."
  10. "and i cannot betray my kind, they are here it's my time..."
  11. " i can feel you there, become so tired, so much aware...
  12. "with these promises broken, can you see it?"
  13. " Welcome to the new age"

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