enter the anime world

I wanted to know who loves anime more you or me so I hope you take my quiz and if you have anime please give the info ok my name is zerojoshua see you later bye.

do you love anime more than me or do I love anime more than you we will soon find out won't we so take my quiz my name is zerojoshua see you later bye.

Created by: zerojoshua
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  1. if you could would you enter the anime world
  2. if you wanted would you bring all the anime people out
  3. if the real world and the anime world merge would you stop it
  4. if you had to pick a world to save would save the real world or the anime world
  5. if the anime world was going to destroy the real world would you help the anime or the real world
  6. if the anime world told you to destroy the real world would you
  7. if you were in love with a anime girl what would you do
  8. if you were a anime guy and a girl from the real world liked you what would you do
  9. if you wanted a friend where would you go to get a friend
  10. if you wanted to go on a adventure where would you go

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