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  • Zombie Killer! Get ready you Zombies 'cause I'm coming to get ya!

    lovebooksandme Oct 26 '13, 1:58AM
  • Zombie killer XD btw I made a zombie survival quiz but how do I get it in this offbeat section? Chance of surviving a post-apocalyptic zombie world

    leon wolf Jun 5 '12, 7:41PM
  • Lone wolf sounds about right. Plus, I can now call myself One Man Army Cloud! XD FF7 joke.

    teilwaL L May 26 '12, 5:07AM
  • Zombie killer >:D

    Kristingm Jan 14 '12, 7:22AM
  • Lone Wolf

    When I get tied down to a group and become emotionally attached. That can get me killed. (anyone)

    Plus a group would only slow me down(talking about my family).

    EVIL1357 Jul 12 '11, 5:41AM

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