Effects of the Black Death on Europe

There is a dangerous disease going around. Will you be able to avoid it with your brain and caution? Or will you succumb to the plague because you were not careful?

Take this to determine if you would survive or die during this time. Come on, it wont actually hurt you to give it a try. Just click the button and let's go

Created by: Natalie

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  1. Where did the plague begin?
  2. Who was the only European monarch that died of the plague?
  3. What is the Danse Macabre?
  4. What is the scientific name of the bubonic plague germ?
  5. Which country was NOT a part of the resistant blood group?
  6. When did the plague first arise?
  7. Who were the scapegoats of the plague?
  8. What was the estimated minimum death toll?
  9. When was the plague eradicated?
  10. How did the plague travel?

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