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There are many smart people in the world. What is smart people? Someone who is smart should know a lot of things, for example mathematics. Mathematics may not be so hard as you think.

Are you a smart person? Maybe not. Every smart person start learning with easy mathematics sums. Here is a quiz. In a few minutes you will know how smart you are.

Created by: Miffy166

  1. What is 6+2?
  2. What is 11-7?
  3. I have 10 apples. I divide them into half and gave half to Tim. How many do I have now?
  4. A pen costs $3. I buy 2 pens. How much do I need to pay?
  5. A book costs $2. I pay $5. What is the change?
  6. What is 90+1?
  7. 2+2=2x2?
  8. What is 12x2?
  9. I have 2 strings. 1 is 8 cm long and the other is 6 cm long. What is the total length of the 2 strings?
  10. How many fingers do you have?
  11. I have 10 fish. 3 die and how many do I have?

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