Eagle quiz (bird type eagle)

This quiz tests your knowledge on eagles!!! By the way, I'm talkin about the bird eagles, not the football team!!! It's exciting so you can brag about how good you did.

You can even dare your friends to take it!!! It's perfect for every one! I would really like it if you took this quiz. Oh, and, I know this is super random, but I like sponge bob!!

Created by: Blah blah

  1. Easy question: what country is the eagle the national bird of?
  2. How many of USA states can the eagle be found in? Includes Alaska and Hawaii.
  3. What is an eagles main food?
  4. TRUE or FALSE??? Bald eagles can't swim.
  5. Which of the two genders of eagles is bigger all their life?
  6. How many eggs do bald eagles usually lay?
  7. How long can a bald eagle live in the wild?
  8. Bald eagles tend to gather in groups, especially in what season???
  9. Most of north america's breeding eagles live in what state?
  10. What year was the bald eagle considered to be the national bird?
  11. How long do the parent eagles incubate their egg(s)?
  12. Last question----do you like bald eagles?

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