E-Safety (Open Evening)

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E-safety is all about the internet, emails, phone and personal info. This is for the open evening at CGS but you are welcome to take this quiz, even if you are an outsider :)

Do you know EVERYTHING about E-safety? Maybe you do, but I think there will be few people who get 100%! Come on - push yourself! You never know.... ;)

Created by: Tay

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  1. What does SMART stand for?
  2. What does E-Safety actually mean?
  3. Online what do you NOT do:
  4. What CAN you do online:
  5. Somebody has hacked my account and they have posted my email, age and other personal info! What shall I do?
  6. My friend offers to let me have a free membership on a game I go on, but on one condition - I give her my password.
  7. A stranger asks you if you want to meet up. Do you:
  8. You get an email from someone you don't know. It has an attachment. Do you:
  9. What should you do if someone asks you for your picture (someone you don't know)?
  10. When creating a password should you:
  11. Do you think you will get a good score in this quiz?

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