Dumb Love Part 1

Okay so this is my very first series and I want it to be good. I know it dosent have that much detail and such but if I make more I promise I will try harder!

Like I said in the first paragraph, if you guys want me to make more I will. I'm trying my best and since it is the summer, they will come out soon! Hope you guys like it. Bye!!!

Created by: Zane Is Here

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  1. Okay so I'm a guy and I'm making a love series for girls. I know this seems quite awkward but I think it will turn out ok. Okay, so you are a 16 year old girl named Jillian. You have long dark blue hair and stunning green eyes. Your best friends name is Monika and she has short blonde hair with the same green eyes as you.
  2. You woke up to your alarm clock playing "Part Of Me". You groaned and slammed your fist on your alarm clock. It shut up and you slowly crawled out of your bed. You walked over to your closet and began to look through it. Your alarm clock went off. " This is a part of me-" you turned it off. It kept going. "-that your never gonna" You plugged out your alarm clock and it stopped. You sighed happily and picked out your cloths: A light blue tank top, blue Jean jacket, ripped shorts and tennis shoes. You began to walk out of your room when the ALARM CLOCK WENT OFF AGIAN! " FOR THE LOVE OF FUDGE!" you screamed and ran downstairs.
  3. You walk downstairs to see your twin sister, Juliana sitting at the table. Even though you two were twins, you were nothing alike. She had long blonde hair and silver eyes. That day her hair was pulled into a tight bun. She wore a cute red sweater and a demi skirt with flipflops. You mother sat at the table eatting a omlete. So was Juliana. You stood beside the table with your arms crossed. Your mother glanced at you. " Oh hi sweetie!" She said happily. You glared at her. " Ohhh did you want a omlete?" your mother asked. "Ohhh yes!" You cried. You sister continued to eat. " Oh well. Were out of eggs, " Juliana said with a grin. You sighed and walked outside to catch the bus..
  4. When you arrive at school, your best friend Monika jogs up to you. She was wearring a light orange t-shirt that said 'Num Num Num', shorts and tenni-shoes. " Hey Jillian! Guess what?" Monika said happily. "What?" You asked, hopping there was good news. " There are 3 new guys here!" Monika said grinning. " And..?" You asked. " There your type, " " How are they-" you were interrupted when a kinda short Asian guy walked up to you. He a shiny black hair and deep brown eyes.
  5. " Hey I'm Zachary. I'm new here, " the boy said. He smiled at you and you blushed a little. Two guys walked up behind him. One was tall, and had curly brown hair, brown eyes, and nice chocolate skin. The other one was about you size, and had short blonde hair and cute blue eyes. The one with brown hair turned to you. " Hey. I'm Dayne" he said. The one with blonde hair grinned at you. " Hi! I'm Bronson. Bronson Fife." he said. " These are my buds" Zachary said and nodded at you. " See ya later" The 3 dudes walked away.
  6. As you walked to class, you say the school bully, Daniel. He was a big guy, with red hair and green eyes. He began to walk toward you. " Hey Skinny Bones whatcha doing?" Daniel asked taking another step towards you. " Go away Daniel" you warned. "Nope" he said. Now your back was aginst the locker. You saw him swing his fist, and it hit you in the jaw. You were unconscious. Before you were unconscious, you saw Bronson leap at Daniel.
  7. You woke up in the nurses office. The school nurse, Ms. Jewels smiled at you. " Hello sweetie! In a few minutes you will be able to go to lunch and go to the rest of your classes. You can just sit and watch at P.E" she said and handed you a P.E note. You nodded and slowly walked to the lunch room. You grabbed a lunch and walked to the table Monika was sitting at. Juliana sat beside her. " WHAT HAPPENED?!?" Monika gasped looking at the ice pack that was covering your black eye. " Daniel" you said and took a bite our of your burger.
  8. " Oh god, " Juliana said. Monika glanced at your eye agian then took a drink from her RedBull. "Hey cutie" you turned around to see Dayne behind you. You smiled at him and say hi. "You took a pretty bad hit huh?" Dayne said glancing at you eye. " Yeah" " Well I have to go sit with Zachary and them but ill see you later okay?" He said and kissed you on the lips.
  9. Okay so I know this part wasent that cool or exciting but if I do more parts I will try harder! I understand if you don't like this quiz.
  10. Comment and Rate. Bye. -Zane Is Here

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