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  • Your quiz results
    Du you hate yourself ?
    Your Result: You certainly hate yourself! 83%

    Oh, you shouldn't be like this. Contact a psycholog or something, this isn't good for you ! I know how it is, i allways bin hating myself, it's not good for anyone of us :(

    0% You love yourself

    I should? And I do? Even though we humans are a disgusting cancer? Seriously?!

  • just cause ya like to wear black some time doesnt mean ya hate urself i love the color balck and am not always gloomy :DDDDDD

  • i hate myself 90%

  • i hate myself 92%. should be 100%.. there is nothing i love or like about myself. im hideous. welp. im trapped in this body until the day i die...

  • 84% hate myself
    More like 100%

    Yeah this quiz is true, I just wish I could die.....


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