Du you hate yourself ?

You really hate yourself, I really feel sorry fore you, but life is life you gannot do anything other then live it :/ Well, you can kill yourself BUT DON'T !!! Contact a psycholog instead !

You do love yourself, thats good, keep on going ! Don't love you to much, so you getting meen just Be okay, your the one that people likes :) I like you, i promise :) I think I do, Atleast :S

Created by: tilde
  1. Do you have thougts of hurting yourself?
  2. How many lose friends do you got ?
  3. How many casual friends do you got [ Don't count your close friends ]
  4. Do you think you look good ?
  5. Do you love anyone ?
  6. How often do you hurt yourself ?
  7. How many % do you think you hate yourself?
  8. Wich is you favourite colour?
  9. Do you own a lot of black clothing?
  10. How would you deskribe yourself?
  11. Do you hate yourself?

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Quiz topic: Du you hate myself ?