DragonKeeper and the DragonRiders:Runaway

Personaly this is one of my fave parts so READ ON READERS!

Created by: Moonblade

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  1. "Ok..... 3.......... 2............ 1!" you hear Kierra shout. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY _____!" shouts everyone. You wake up, in shock and look at everyone. "YOU REMEBERED!" you shout happily. Everyone nods. "Quick come to the living room!" smiles Nathan. "Ok" you get up and follow everyone to the living room. There are lots of presents there. You sit on the sofa next to Zammi and high 5 her. You open Max's present first. You get a new sword. On the blade there is something engraved on it. It says 'Life is what you make, don't mess up. Live it' "Thanks Max!" you smile. He smiles back. You then open the joint present of Zammi and Tsuki. It's a new blue dress. "Thanks!" you squeal. They smile. Then it's Nathan's and Zane's, its a silver bow and lots of arrows. "Wicked!" you smile. They laugh. You then open Charlotte, Rendall and Candra's. Its a vail with ever-lasting health potion. "Sweet!" you smile. "Welcome!" they smile back. Then its Kierra's present, it's a new chain-mail suit. "Thank Kiki!" you smile. "No problem, _____!" she laughs. Then it's Sneachta's present. A new saddle for Mizar. "Epic!" you smile. "Welcome _____" she says. Then it's Rex's present for you. A blue and red necklace, with shells and pearls. "Wow Rex, wow" you say shocked "I love it!" "Do you want me to put it on you?" he asks. You nod and he puts it on. "Perfect!" smiles everyone.
  2. "Did you hear that?" you ask everyone. "Hear what?" they say. "THAT!" you shout jumping up and looking at the door. Boom! Boom! You see the door wobble. Boom! Bang! You grab the sword and point it at the door. The door flies in and you land on the floor. You feel something warm going down your face. Blood. You push a door off your face and look up. You vision is blurry and can only make out a tall figure. You try to make your eye-sight clearer but you make it worse and go blind. You hear yelling. "ZAMMI NO!" shouts Tsuki. You stumble to your feet and use your hands to find Tsuki. "What is happening?" you ask worried. "ZAMMI!" shouts Tsuki. "KI I'M HERE!" you yell. You start to panic. "ZAMMI WAKE UP!" shouts Tsuki. You run your hand down to Zammi and feel that she isn't breathing. You take a deep breathe. "Zammi?" asks Tsuki. "I'm ok mummy" she says sitting up. You still can't see. "Where is _____?" asks Rex. "I'M HERE!" you yell "HELLO?!"
  3. "I dunno. I haven't seen her" says Tsuki. "I'M RIGHT HERE!" you yell. "Guys look" says Nathan "Her.... body" Rex runs over to your body "_____!!" he shout. "I'M HERE!" you scream at them. "She.... she...... SHE'S DEAD!" bawls Rex holding your body. Your eye sight returns. You see that the whole room is distroyed. The others are getting up and walking over to your body. "I'M ALIVE YOU SO-SO's!" you yell. Rex bawls loudly "_____!" "Rex.... I'm here" you say quietly. "I love you!" Rex sobs. "Whoa..." you say.
  4. You stand next to your body. "Hell no man I'm dead!" "Who killed her?" asks Rex "WHO KILLED HER!" "MIZAR!!" you shout. 'Yes _____ what do you need' says Mizar. "_____ IS HERE! WHERE?" shouts Rex jumping up. 'Yes, Rex she is standing next to you' says Mizar calmly. Rex looks in your direction. 'She is smiling' says Mizar. Rex smiles. "Well, why can't we see her?" asks Sakura standing at the door. "SAKURA!" everyone shouts. Everyone hugs her. "Where have you been?" asks Tsuki. "Running away from prison" she says. Sneachta hugs Sakura. "So why can't we?" she asks agian "Is she really dead?" 'She is dead. Yes' say Dracourous 'But she is turning into a Dragon' "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?" everyone shouts. 'Yes. _____ is the new dragonkeeper which means when she dies, she is turned into a dragon' says Dragorous 'A golden dragon to be persice' "Can she turn back human?" asks Kierra. 'Yes, but only for a maximun of 12 hours with a break of 1 week' says Adhill. "So how long will _____ be a dragon until she can turn back?" asks Max. '1 year' says Saiph. "1 YEAR!" exclaims Nathan. The dragons nod. "Heck" says Sneachta. "Wicked I'm a dragon!" you say happily. Mizar chuckles 'Not yet, just watch your spirit change with every passing moment' You look at your mortal body, it glows. "Freaky" says Zammi. "Yeah" says Lucy. 'And when _____ is a dragon we can march on Ostness!' smiles Fornax. You smile "Oh yes!"
  5. You sit next to Mizar watching your mortal body glow gold. "Miz" you say. 'Yes?' she says. "What if I don't wake up? What will happen?" 'I will die with you. Also Rex will be disapointed' You sigh and pat her side "Remeber the fun we had when I was human?" 'Yes and I'm sure they'll be more times like that' "Yeah I hope so" 'Me too' "I will beat your speed time" 'No chance bring it on' You and Mizar laugh and Mizar gets weird looks at her. "Miz do you think we will win at Ostness?" 'I will die for you and Antelioa' You smile. "Thanks Miz" You hug her tightly. You see your mortal body grow a tail just as you do. "Its staring Miz, tell the others" you say. She nods 'Guys it's time' she tells them.
  6. You and your body glow a shinier gold. You grow a dragon body, a longer tail, a pretty but big head, scales and a spiked mane. Your spirit and new body join together. A bright white light fills the room. After 1 minute the light dims down. Standing where your body was is a large golden dragon with a silver spiked mane and with your same (eyes colour here). "Oh my god!" shouts everyone is shock, the good kind.
  7. You: http:// sleepingdragonenterprise.com/ uploads/__Golden_Dragon___by_Venator_Somniorum.jpg and http: //www .lionsclawgaming. com/goldenhero/images/goldendragon.jpg
  8. This part is over so THANKS!
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