Dose ivee like you?

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Hi this is ivee she wants to know if she likes you or not she’s a blue and pink parakeet she is a ice bird she has a lot of friends she has a side like named chilly he is a cupcake ivee can make portals to different worlds she only summons portals when there is a mission

Her friends names are neon zeke/ray posey chilly and more she has pink glasses and she has a bib that says let’s chill she one day will have a YouTube account so her friends are animals zeke he’s a bunny he is red and white he has bazooka and he where’s a top hat and a bow tie he has yellow eyes and he’s in a relationship with Anna and Anna is a bunny to she is pink and yellow she has a yellow and pink bow on her ear a heart is in the middle of her bow but little did you know her heart in the middle of the bow is acuttaly a button (I’ll tell you more about her in the next test about her) :3

Created by: Iveetheparakeet
  1. Ivee is my oc she wants to meet you what do you say?
  2. Ivee wants to hangout with you what do you want to do?
  3. What do you like to do? Most in the time when your at home?
  4. So what is your favorite color
  5. Do you love drawing if you do what do you draw
  6. If you have a oc what element you want
  7. Ok so what is your weopon ivee has a ice sword btw
  8. Ok almost there what is your favorite animal
  9. Do you like music if you do what music it is
  10. Last question what is your favorite character in fanf

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