Does Your Life Suck?

Many of us think our lives suck, but does it? Do you truley think your life sucks? If so, see if you can confirm it on my fun little quiz! I have some little questions about your love life, grades, parents, and etc.

So if you think your life sucks, give it a try! If not, have a great life anyways. But everybody knows what I'm saying so I'll just say it........ Take my quiz!

Created by: Trevor Radzewicz

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  1. You Have Had a Signifigant Other
  2. Your grades are...
  3. Your friends say you...
  4. In class, everyone...
  5. My Talents Include...
  6. I Have Been Kissed/Madeout with the Opposite Sex
  7. You're at a party. How do you get the attention of the oppsite sex, and how do they respond?
  8. Last Question: You have resorted to things like drugs/beer to try and fit in.
  9. Okay I Lied, Last Question: You Thought This Quiz Was
  10. Okay One More Time: What is This?

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Quiz topic: Does my Life Suck?