does your life actually suck?

does your life really suck. or are you just a melodramatic whiney teenager. I know too many people like this, so I'm making this quiz to give people a reality check

it was nine o'clock at midnight at a quaryer after three when a turtle met a bagpipe on the shoreside by the sea. and the turtle said my dearey, may I sit with you? I'm weary

Created by: woodnicole7
  1. do you have cancer?
  2. are your parents into drugs, alcoholics, or abusive?
  3. are you bullied physically or verbally?
  4. are you deaf, blind, mute, or paralyzed?
  5. do you have a bed to sleep in at night?
  6. have you been raped, mugged, kidnapped, or has someone tried to kill you?
  7. do you have food to eat?
  8. do you have an education?
  9. do you have a mental disability? (not including something like ADHD or ADD)
  10. are your parents dead?

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Quiz topic: Does my life actually suck?