Does your imaginary FREIND like you?

There are few people that have imaginary friends, but does yours romantically like you? Well to find out if so, just take this quiz and don't get mad at me if I'm wrong😆

Do you like your imaginary friend in a romantic way? If not then don't take this quiz unless your totally bored. This quiz contains questions. Obviously. Hope you have fun.!

Created by: Hi ugly

  1. If your imaginary friend asks you to come and dance with them what would you say?
  2. Ok, what if your sitting on your bed in the evening when your imaginary friend comes and sits beside you, you:
  3. You see your imaginary friend drop a heap of heavy books he was carrying, you:
  4. Your imaginary friend is sitting on their own crying, you:
  5. Your walking across your hallway upstairs when suddenly you trip and your imaginary freind catches you, you:
  6. You are cutting up chives in the kitchen when you cut your hand. Your imaginary friend quickly takes your hand, you:
  7. Your in your garden when your imaginary friend picks you a daisy, you:
  8. Your in your garden when your imaginary friend picks you a daisy, you:
  9. your imaginary friend does a really cheesy smile at you, you:
  10. You are assleep in your bed when your imaginary friend creeps in to your room, you pretend your assleep, slowly you hear them get in to your bed, you:
  11. Your imaginary friend sneaks in to your bedroom at midnight and asks you to co e downstairs with him, he wants to tell you something, you:
  12. Your in the shower when your imaginary friend walks right in. He gasps and runs out and closes the door. You:
  13. Your having lunch with your family, when you're imaginary friend stares at you from across the room, you:
  14. It is a really stormy day and you are at the beach all alone. For some reason you think you see someone drowning in the sea only to find it was a seagull. So when you went to rescue the "seagull" you got quite deep in to the sea. Your not a verry good swimmer. Your imaginary friend swims in to the sea and drags you on to the shore. You:
  15. How much age difference is there in years between you and your imaginary friend?
  16. How handsome does your imaginary friend look to you?
  17. Someone says to you "your imaginary friend will soon drive you crazy and you'll be I. The mental hospital " you:
  18. Final question:
  19. You are upstairs in your room when your imaginary friend walks I. And closes the door. You watch as he walks up to you and pushes you onto your bed. You:
  20. you are in your room and you are just about to put on a new outfit when your imaginary friend walks in. You tell him he can stay in there as long as he turns round so he can't see you. But as you put it on you realise he's looking every now and then. You:
  21. ok, you are doing your own laundry when you drop a heap of clothes and your imaginary friend just happened to be walking by with some ink and he drops it all over you clothes. "Oooops" he says. You:
  22. Your imaginary friend has got the flu. He is in his bed and he is quite lonely on his own, while everyone else is having fun. You:
  23. When you look at your imaginary friend how does he look back at you?
  24. Last question, do you believe me????
  25. Ok, really final question now, do you like the smell of your imaginary friend? (Yeah, strange question I know... .)
  26. Ok, your imaginary friend asks you to go for a walk around the block with him just before you both go to bed. The street lamps are on and it's just snowed heavily yesterday, it's lightly snowing now. The sky is dark now and it's early evening. You:
  27. What do you call your imaginary friend?
  28. Ok, last question, "see yu later BABE"'.

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Quiz topic: Does my imaginary FREIND like you?