How much do you know about Wilt from Foster's?

This is a quiz on how well you know the friendly imaginary friend Wilt from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. I made up all these questions based off of the wiki of him, just so you know.

Do you think you can get 100%? I know I can! I knew the answer to all these questions without even looking on the wiki! But anyway, please comment on the score you got.

Created by: 8D
  1. Easy Question: What color is Wilt?
  2. What number does Wilt have on his chest?
  3. How tall is Wilt?
  4. How much does Wilt weigh?
  5. How did Wilt get the scars on his face?
  6. How did Wilt get his wonky eye?
  7. Which eye is wonky?
  8. How did Wilt lose almost his entire arm?
  9. Which arm was crushed?
  10. How long are Wilt's shoelaces?
  11. When is Wilt's birthday (When was he created)?
  12. What is the name of Wilt's creator?
  13. How did Wilt get his name?
  14. True/False: Wilt has allergy medicine.
  15. Which of the following about Wilt is NOT true?
  16. How old is Wilt?
  17. How long was he with his creator before "the accident" happened?
  18. How many years has Wilt lived at Foster's?
  19. True/False: The wonky eye moves around like a googly eye because he replaced it with one after it was damaged.
  20. Is Wilt the tallest imaginary friends at Foster's?
  21. True/False: Wilt has been at Foster's the longest.
  22. Approximately was size are Wilt's shoes?
  23. What color are Wilt's eyes?
  24. What colors are the 1 on his chest?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Wilt from Foster's?