Does Your Guy Friend Like You?

Do you have a guy friend? Well here's a quiz to help you tell if he likes you as more than a friend. I can't promise it's 100% accurate, but I've based it off of real life experiences.

So are you ready to find out? The guy decoder quiz should help. Have fun! I hope you like my quiz, and please comment so I can make it better if I need to! Good luck! =)

Created by: bon jovi
  1. How close are you two?
  2. When he is really close to you, does he act like you don't exist?
  3. He...
  4. Does he always seem to have the same interests as you (4 example, you love the green bay packers so he goes out and buys a packers sweatshirt)
  5. Here's a common question: How does he stare at you?
  6. When people say you two would make a cute couple he:
  7. He seems to be wherever you are.
  8. He finds random excuses to talk to you.
  9. Who has told you he likes you?
  10. When he talks to you...
  11. Do you have any inside jokes?
  12. When he finds out another guy likes you he...
  13. At lunch he is sitting.

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Quiz topic: Does my Guy Friend Like You?