does your crush loves you

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I hope you liked the test i bet your crush is coming closer to you or already has you keep up the loving he even might marry you he dreams about you i wonder if you dream about him to.

this test will blow your head of if your wondering about crush heres a teast to take to know if he loves you or not i hope he loves you dream about him he will dream back.

Created by: layla of
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  1. does you love somebody
  2. does you love somebody
  3. have a boy came and grab you
  4. does girls get jealous of you
  5. when a girl is not your freind you
  6. does your crush look at you when you come in
  7. does your crush smile at you
  8. does your crush ever say
  9. when your crush have a bad day does he
  10. when you leave does your crush look starange

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Quiz topic: Does my crush loves you