Does your crush LOVE you?

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Thanks for taking my quiz! Please invite you're friends to use it too if the're fiding out if the're crush likes them! :D Please come back and do it sometime.

I have a crush to.His name is jayden and im not sure if he likes me or not.But i know that a good chance he does. :PP Hes always by me.. xD Anyways..Bye! xP

Created by: Rionna~ =^^= of
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Has your crush ever talked to you?
  2. Has he ever sat by you?
  3. Has you're crush ever been jelouse of other boys that you're around?
  4. Has he ever looked att you're lips like he wanted to kiss you? c:
  5. Has you're crush ever..Stared att you for more then 5 hours or less? Lololol ;p
  6. How do you describe you're crush? c:
  7. Is you're crush cute?
  8. What race is you're crush?
  9. Do you like black guys as you're crush or white?
  10. Do you sit by you're crush on the bus,Van, Ect.?
  11. How many crushs do you have? :P I have about 4!
  12. Aww..They grow up so fast.Well..ARE YOU READY TO SEE YOU'RE RESULTS?!??!?!?

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Quiz topic: Does my crush LOVE you?