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  • Okay, I'm sick of these stupid chainmail comments like the one above? You too? We can fight it! Just copy what I wrote below!

    (-_-)~ this emoticon is sick of those useless

    ------ "copy this into other quizes or else!"

    type of comments. reshare this to show
    awareness/preventio n of those chainmail
    comments. it is optional to share since
    this is not chainmail. thank you.

  • Actually, when you said the question didn't count, it did. Just pointing out :(

  • 86% he's obsessed with you! Yay! I've loved this guy since 4th grade! Well,it's not that impressive since I'm only in 6th grade...BUT STILL!!! That's a good two years!

  • People think I don't get along with him but I like him!! :D!!.Awesome quiz!

  • My crush does like me. But we don't talk face to face. Also we cybertalk. He has a GF though! I LIKED YOUR QUIZ!


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