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  • Whoa I took it again (this is me again just from a diff account cus I always forget my username ugh and password >:( ))))

    But tha is super weird I took this and got 73% lolol but then it says I ship you two which is very weird to think about, about how me from like whatever idk 4 years ago?? Ships herself in the future lol that is really weird. Also idk why I said I ship it. When I didnt know who u are

  • Oh my god is this my old account oh my god this is so cringy no no no why why would u do that and u didnt even make an option to say that you have seen your crush not staring at u wow. sorry if this is a random person thats not me but I think u can not have that same name as someone else and like this is my old account OH GOD


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