Does your crush like you?

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Hello. I am Amberly Sisies and I am a psychologist. I am really intrested in love lives. So I created this always up to date quiz! Hope you like it. Please enjoy this.

Please take this quiz. You are guaranteed to like it. With simply a couple questions. Please take my quiz and leave a comment saying you like it.Ithis.I would love you to comment see you at the end of the quiz bye for now.

Created by: Amberly Sisies

  1. Does he know you?
  2. Does he know the "real you"?
  3. Are you 2 friends?
  4. How long have you known him\her?
  5. Last question, do you really like him?
  6. Does your crush sit with you?
  7. From now on yes or no questions?
  8. Do you think your crush likes you?
  9. You good with 2 mkre questions?
  10. This your last question! Have you ever...

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you?