Does your crush like you?

Many people have a secret crush or love in their lives, and really want to know if the other person feels the same way. If you want to, this is the quiz for you!

Find out if the man/woman of your dreams likes you back! Note: This quiz is not always accurate. If you get a bad score, don't worry. Just keep hoping.

Created by: Lily Ann
  1. Do you speak to each other often?
  2. When you speak to each other, what do you talk about?
  3. Why do you like him/her?
  4. If it is for multiple reasons, which combination? (get as close as you can)
  5. When you hang out, how does he/she act around you?
  6. He/she knows your
  7. Does he/she ever stare at you?
  8. Has he/she ever purposely approached you and started a conversation?
  9. When you walk by, he/she says:
  10. Do you think he/she likes you?
  11. What is the most intimate physical contact you have ever had?
  12. Are you BF/GF?
  13. You and your friend just got into a fight and you are really upset. What does he/she do?

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you?