Does the Girl you like, like you back?

I am 100% Sure you have a crush. Don't lie. Everyone has one. Well maybe not a crush but someone they are considering to like! So don't be shy! Just confess that you like her!

Well, maybe you liked her because it all started when it suddenly came to you that she is pretty in class and you BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH... Well, something like that! Flashback to know how you started to like that girl!

Created by: Simeon Yu

  1. Have she ever mentioned to her friends that you're good looking?
  2. Do she talk to you often?
  3. When you recommend her a game to play, does she accept your requests or denies it.
  4. When she talks to you and get disturbs by someone else who wants to talk to her, does she continue to talk to you and ignore that person or finish the conversation and just talk to the other person.
  5. Is she cool? Like good at roasting and has alot of friends, and she's funny? (This doesn't affect your results.)
  6. Is she smart at academics? (This doesn't affect your results!)
  7. Well, if you don't like the girl you're testing on you're wasting your time, but, this question, is the most important out of all, and i need a honest answer! If not you're just hurting yourself! Don't go and tell other people it's the Quiz's fault. If you lie, it's your own problem. Ok, less talking, DO YOU LIKE THE GIRL?
  8. Is she always nice to you?
  9. I'm bored, let me take a break.
  10. That's it! Thanks for Participating! Just answer me, whether you like this quiz or not!

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