Does your crush like you back? For girls who are 8-13 only!

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Does your crush like you back? Take this quiz to find OUT! (This quiz is particularly for girls ages 8-13, therefore these questions will tend to be less likely to apply to a person above or below this age group.)

I hope you all enjoy this quiz and that you guys get the results you hope for! (These results may not be fully accurate, therefore it's fine if you get a result that you're unhappy with.) Good luck!! :D

Created by: FoxLover10
  1. Is your crush ever mean to you?
  2. POV: You accidentally tripped in front of them and ALL of your belongings spilled all over the place! What would they do?
  3. If you were marked as absent for a day, what would they do or say to you as you return to that place the next day?
  4. If someone SECRETLY tells your crush BEHIND YOUR BACK to pretend as if they like you in order to embarrass you, what would they say or do back?
  5. You're moving away! What would they say or do?
  6. You add them on Snapchat! What would they do?!
  7. In your opinion, do you personally think that they like you back?! Be honest.
  8. Do you ever catch them staring at you?!
  9. Do they know that you have a crush on them?
  10. BE HONEST..... Did you ACTUALLY enjoy this quiz?!

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you back? For girls who are 8-13 only!