Does your crush like you?

There is sooo many girls out there who have absolutely no clue if their crush likes them to any extant at all, this quiz will give you some idea if your crush has the hots for you..(:

If you're stuck...have no clue, or are just plain confused and cannot read guys... id advise you to take my gives a good idea whether your crush likes you or not

Created by: Aurora Bailey

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  1. Does his face light up when you say hi to him?
  2. When you text him does he seem eager to talk to you?
  3. Does he make excuses to touch you(like not inappropriately)? touches your arm when talking to you, brushes your hair off of your face...etc.
  4. Does he ever try to approach you? (keep in mind if he's shy this probably wont apply, guys makes it obvious when they don't like something)
  5. how long have your know your crush?
  6. Ask yourself this, do you think there's a possibility that he likes you?
  7. has he ever complimented you?
  8. this has nothing to do with this but.. what's your fav color?
  9. do his friends act weird around you when he's around like pushes him into you or laugh and smirk at you?
  10. has he ever joked about liking you or possibly dating you, (a big sign)
  11. last but not leastttttt, when you pass each other in the hallway what does he do?

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you?