Does YOUR Crush Like You? (100% Accurate!)

So I'm suppose to make a description? This feels like school work. Anyways, take my quiz to find out if your crush likes you or not! 100% Accurate(:

Do YOU think he likes you? If he asked you out would you be like "hjufidkebfkldkdclxj YES!" Or "Sure:)" Be chill and take the right path to success(:

Created by: Yareli

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  1. Does your crush ever stare at you?
  2. Has your crush ever said, "Will you go out with me?... Just kidding.." ?
  3. Has your crush ever made fun of you?
  4. Do you two ever hang out alone or with friends? (School, Mall, etc.)
  5. Does he ever pretend to hit you? (Excuse to touch you)
  6. Do you and your crush have common likes? (Music, Dance, etc)
  7. When he walks in the room and notices you, what's the first thing he does?
  8. When he hugs you, does he ever touch you?
  9. Has he ever told you to "Wait for him outside"? And if he has, what did you two do when you met him there?
  10. You're on Facebook one day, and his bestfriend IM's you. He says "_____ Likes you, you should ask him out! Or kiss him!" And you don't know what to say, he says " I gtg. Bye" What do you do?

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Quiz topic: Does my Crush Like You? (100% Accurate!)