Does this person like you?

This person, you have some suspicions that s/he likes you...but you aren't sure. Maybe it's your crush, maybe it's a random street person. Humans are social creatures, but nobody wants a creepy stalker.

Is someone crushing on you? Or do you want t find out if you have a stalker? Of course, this is just a quiz, but it may help you decide if this guy/girl is into you!

Created by: Vivianne
  1. Does this person look you in the eye whenever you're talking?
  2. Does s/he act different around you?
  3. What do you usually talk about?
  4. Does s/he compliment you?
  5. Do you have mutual friends?
  6. Does s/he look at you?
  7. Are you friends?
  8. Does s/he ever flirt with you
  9. Does s/he sit down at your table when eating lunch/in the classroom/in the office
  10. Is s/he generally nice to you?
  11. Does s/he remember things you say?
  12. Does s/he ask you random questions?

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