What person are you ?

The " what person are you " quiz is my quiz ! For he is crazy stange a little unnecessary Oh no i kidding ! I love my test! So so so I don't what to say

What person are you ? ARE you a stay at home or a bold adventurer. Maybe you like teddy bear and watching on the television the teletubies or maybe you like snakes and spiders. Maybe The nature is your playground and you are the terror of sandbox

Created by: stephanie

  1. You like....?
  2. What can't you live without ?
  3. You are....
  4. What is your favorite color ?
  5. For the music, you are rather:
  6. how are you ?
  7. Do you like chocolate ?
  8. Do you like snakes ?
  9. My test is boring ?
  10. At school You are...
  11. Your favorite object is:
  12. My test is always boring ?
  13. You are of nature :
  14. What time is it ?

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Quiz topic: What person am I ?