Does She Want to go out with You?

Its about a test in which you take a test on if a certain girl wants to go out with you. You want to have a girlfriend right? so go get one take this quiz if you think you want a girlfriend.

Do YOU want a girlfriend? Do YOU have the courage to take this quiz and find out if she wants to go out with you or not? When will you ask her? And how? so ask her now if you're not too nervous. please take my advice so be good now and good bye.

Created by: Jaden Leliefeld

  1. Does She look at you a lot?
  2. Does she smile a lot at you?
  3. Does she flirt with u or other boys?
  4. how many times has she asked u to a dance or to go out with her?
  5. have you gone out with her before?
  6. is she going out with someone else?
  7. how many frends does she have?
  8. how many frends do u have?
  9. is she going out with u?
  10. when do u think youll go on a date with her?

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