Does she like me?

Everyone knows that boys like girls and girls like boys. Everyone has experienced this feeling. This is a quiz for boys to find out if that girl really likes him or not.

No matter what your results are, it's just how life works. Plus, maybe she's just good at hiding her feelings and actually DOES like you! You can never know

Created by: E

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  1. Do you ever catch her staring at you?
  2. Do you like her?
  3. When she walks by you, does her face turn red? Does she start to smile?
  4. When you walk into a room and she's there, what does she do?
  5. Are you guys good friends?
  6. Have you ever worked on something together like a school project or just something you both wanted to do?
  7. Does she ever insult you?
  8. Do you think she likes you?
  9. Is she one of the mean girls?
  10. are you ready for your results?

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