Does he like you?

Do you have a boy at school who you think likes you but u aren't sure? And it's driving u nuts? Take this quiz to (hopefully) find out. This is for high school girls only. Boys, not for you.

He's not gonna go away when you ask him to. I'll create another quiz for u girls to say when that happens. If u dislike him that is. Hopefully it'll be helpful.NO OFFENSE TO BOYS OUT THERE.

Created by: Banna41

  1. For starters, do u like or hate him?
  2. Has he gone out with/ dated ur friends
  3. Does he know own it annoys you?
  4. Do u wind him up on purpose?
  5. Is he a pain in the butt all the time?
  6. Have u ever flirted with him a tiny bit?
  7. Is he in the same class as you?
  8. Do you think he likes u?
  9. Has he ever given you gifts
  10. Does he hang around at lunch? Or any time possible?

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