Does she/he like you?

Sometimes someone likes you or not. What is like? Liking someone is where you would give you're heart to or maybe you just wan't to date them. What is date? Date is something where you kiss and hold hands if you're too young then stop reading this....

Does she/he LIKE you? Do you have the nice in you for that person to like you? Now you can know after you read this..... In just a few minutes you'll find out!!

Created by: xXBrooklynXx

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How long have you knew her/him?
  2. Do you know her/his first name?
  3. How old is her/his age?
  4. Do you ever talk to her/him?
  5. Is she/he nice to you?
  6. Has anybody you know have told you that she/he likes you?
  7. Do you like her/him?
  8. Does she/he ever make you laugh?
  9. Does she/he want to date you?
  10. What are you gonna do if I stop this quiz...?
  11. Bye

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