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  • I got yes:) I met him at camp this summer and we flirted a bit but I couldn't tell I he really liked me or not:) sadly I can't date until I'm 18:( but we can still hang out and stuff and my parents don't know about it cuz they're overprotective when it comes to guys i men I'd be dead if they knew I was flirting lol wish me luck!!! I love ur quiz it's really sweet:D

  • Umm i got no but he asked me out again and I said no and he told me and I quote "it feels like my soul has been sucked into a black hole" I think I have the right I tried to talk to him and he blew me off and then when I asked him about it he told me he had nothing to say. And that wasn't even the worst part I had to txt his mom to get him to txt me and I'm not mean

  • I got "Yes"; we've known eachother since kindergarten except he's 3 years ahead of me but we hang out during the holidays. I agree with Skydragon, this was a really cute quiz! :D Awesome job!!!!

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  • i got no......its a good thing and a bad thing. whenever i talk to him tho he treats me like nothing ever happened between us and tht i deserve to be treated like sh**

    i still really love him but ik there is no chance of us getting back together after almost one year....

  • I got He'll Never Let It Go . Thank you so much .. We used to hang out and stuff and he would flirt with me but then another guy asked me out .. and I go out with the other guy .. He doesn't flirt with me as much , but it's complicated . Anyways thank you !

  • Awww, this quiz is so cute. :D I'm going to go take it for all of the guys I've been with and the one I'm with.

    So far I got 'Kinda', but it's already been confirmed that we still love each other.

    Okay! Going again. xD

  • I got kinda.

    It makes sense. I broke up with him because I was nervous for a relationship.

  • I got kinda. Which is true he has sort of moved on but not really if you have any idea what I mean

    • Got a yes! When Im trying to move on and forget him, weve known each other for 4 years or 5 we didnt like each other at first, we were like dog and cat fighting constantly and arguing, he went back to his hometown and a year later, he came back where I was, he changed, we became quite intimate best friends for like a year, waiting for him to make a move but never did..... until just few months ago he started to behave strangely and gives me the distance, cold, and ignorance, now he doesnt contact me at all... I asked what went wrong and for him nothings seems to have gone wrong.... I sometimes do not understand man at all... Or better say those who can make their mind.... so what the hell... Im moving on... girls take note! Go in with your life!

  • I got Yes, now I'm happy! We've been hanging out lately but i just wanted to be sure. :) I love this quiz! ur the best! =(^.^)=

  • And @mangoandsquiggle [ btw thats a hilarious name XD ) I like that face .. (:


    Oh , and this was a really good quiz , I forgot to mention . (:

  • Thank you so much he was a jerk

  • Awwwwwww thanks Skydragon and Flight!!! :D

    Kaylyn Miller12

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