Does he really love you?

This quiz is only for couples and people in a relationship. If you get the result that he does not love you, please don't be so upset. But I spent like an hour on this and I've been through a lot with relationships, so I'm pretty sure this is accurate.

Does he really love you? Are you wasting your time? Do you deserve better? Should you just move on with someone else? Find out and take this quiz! Answers may not be 100% accurate to you but I am pretty pretty sure the are.

Created by: Sylvia

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  1. Before you take this quiz, it's only for couples and people in a relationship.
  2. Okay, so. Has he been showing you any affection at all?
  3. Do you and him get into fights a lot?
  4. If you do get in fights, what are they usually about?
  5. Have you ever caught him cheating?
  6. If so, how many times?
  7. Do you have anxiety?
  8. If you do have anxiety, do you have it when you are around him, or just thinking of him?
  9. Has he told you face-to-face he loves you?
  10. How do you feel about him?
  11. Does he call you beautiful often?
  12. Does he accuse you of random stuff you didn't do?
  13. Has he explained his love for you?
  14. Has he met your family?
  15. When he leaves the room, does he leave his phone there with you?
  16. How much do you really love this guy?

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